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  • Councils giving emergency help during corona virus crisis
    During these stressful times, town and parish councils are coming to the fore with their capacity to work locally and quickly to coordinate and support people helping their community to … Read more
  • D4B cancels roadshows in Sidley and Pebsham
    On Saturday March 14th, D4B was going to hold two roadshows or public meetings, one in Pebsham and one in Sidley, to increase participation and discussion about what a town … Read more
  • Help needed!
    D4B's new leaflet provides more information and the bigger picture of what town councils do to help you decide whether to support a town council. We aimed to deliver it … Read more
  • Consultation now open
    Now we can all respond! The new Community Governance Review, which Rother legally has to hold again to check that the people of Bexhill still want a town council, is … Read more
  • Steering Group meets for final details
    On Monday 27 January 2020, at the town hall at 2pm, Rother's Community Governance Review Steering Group will meet to agree how the consultation will be organised, and what the … Read more
  • Bexhill Turns out in Force
    At the public meeting on Saturday 18th Jan, over 250 people came to hear about what amazing things other town or parish councils are already doing. We also reflected on what … Read more
  • Public meeting Saturday 18th January. What would a Bexhill town council do?
    On Saturday 18th January 2020 at 1030 am, at St Barnabas Church, Sea Road, Bexhill, a public meeting will give us the chance to hear from other towns on how … Read more
  • Further delay to consultation
    Rother has decided to hold the final consultation on creating a town council a few weeks later than planned, probably in late January or early February 2020. The steering group … Read more
  • Rock up and support a town council
    On Thursday 19th Dec at 10:30 am, we need Bexhill residents to come along to Rother's steering group for the Community Governance Review. The group's decisons on how to conduct … Read more
  • Consultation moved to 13 January
    Because of the General Election, Rother has delayed the start of the Community Governance Review, when they will invite your views on a town council, to 13 January 2020. It … Read more

Featured Articles

Reaching out, a guide to what councils can do about loneliness

Anyone at any age can feel lonely. Loneliness reduces the quality of life and has an impact on health and wellbeing. This Guide, just produced by The National Association of Local Councils and the Local Government Association, gives practical advice and case studies on what parish and town councils can do and are doing to help. Bexhill could do it too!

20 actions parish councils can take on the climate and nature emergency.

Friends of the Earth say “Parish and town councils may not be as powerful as local authorities but they can “do their bit” in addressing the climate and nature emergency and be a force for change.” Lets get a town council so we can act on this!


Within 100 years or less sea level maps indicate parts [of] Bexhill could be inundated. Areas of west Bexhill, Egerton Park, de Le Warr Pavillion, parts of the promenade, and railway lines, are all at risk. Bexhill has no specific flood plan. A Town Council could help form such a plan