Inspiration – What other towns are doing

Inspiration – What other towns are doing

How across the country, town councils are doing it for themselves

The Star Council awards, for councils are administered by NALC (National Association of Local Councils). The councils below are this year’s finalists. Help make Bexhill-on-Sea become a future winner! Woughton


A community connect initiative with a variety of projects .


Numerous activities to help support the city through a difficult period

  • Nearly half of 634 local councils recently surveyed, deliver housing or planning services, and many were helping to provide health and well-being services, often in partnership with other local, district, city or county councils.
  • Ivybridge TC provides a “social prescription service” to local doctors and patients where lack of money, housing, or employment can be addressed: young mothers, who are struggling with isolation, stress, anxiety and depression, are the most frequent users.
  • In Worcester the Councils’ partnership project,  “Reconnections”  is helping 3,000 people to overcome loneliness, financed by Social Finance Ltd; the  Cabinet Office, and the Lottery.
  • Antsey Parish Council has provided new football pitches for the local youth teams, built a community footpath with a neighbouring parish council, and funded a feasibility study on a late night bus service.
  • Frome Town Council employs a sustainability officer who has supported groups to cut waste and carbon and raised over £150,000 in external funding aimed at self-reliance in energy and resource-use, new jobs, and better training opportunities. 
  • Sutton Coldfield Town Council, created in 2016, allocated £100,000 for local groups who want to make their town an even better place to live and work: much of the 130,000 Community Grant budget currently administered by RDC could be used by the Bexhill Town Council for Bexhill priorities. 
  • Falmouth Town Council employs a team of gardeners who in conjunction with visitor and education office involve primary school children in horticulture projects.
  • Burley Parish Council dealt with the threats of losing their library, community hall, and some parks and open spaces by widely consulting their communities about whether they wanted to pay an extra 63p per week in local tax to keep these services: they did. They appreciated that “taxes are the price we pay for a civilised society” (FD Roosevelt).