Struggle to find website link

From: Barbara Atkinson, Ninfield Road, Bexhill-on-Sea In common with Terry Byrne (Bexhill Observer, September 8) I too struggled to find the link on the Rother website to cast my very important vote. I think that the council do not want us to vote because they are afraid that we will all give the wrong response,Continue reading “Struggle to find website link”

Seismic review of democracy

From: Sam Coleman, Cooper Drive, Bexhill Any reader of this newspaper will be well aware that Bexhill is currently undergoing possibly its most seismic democratic review since the decision to abolish Bexhill Borough Council back in the 1970s. The ‘Community Governance Review’, which is currently in phase 2, could result in a seismic shift ofContinue reading “Seismic review of democracy”

Fight in historic Bexhill battle

From: Jackie Bialeska, Cantelupe Road, Bexhill Residents take note: a “consultation” is underway at the moment which will decide whether you want your own town council/area committee or not. Battle has a town council and Rye too. Why not Bexhill? Voting cards can only be collected from the town hall but this, or course, createsContinue reading “Fight in historic Bexhill battle”

Cautionary tale of mayoral vote

From: Dave Walsh, Rotherfield Avenue, Bexhill The Community Governance Review seems to have generated a fair amount of heat around many issues, especially a lack of explanatory literature, as the Bexhill Observer letters page suggests (The audacity of our council never fails to amaze me, Michael Crotty, 25/8/17). The Rother deputy leader has apparently madeContinue reading “Cautionary tale of mayoral vote”

Many unable to get a postcard

From the Residents of Marina Court, Marina, Bexhill It is amazing to think how long ago it was that the people of Bexhill banded together to draw attention to the fact that Bexhill had no town council and its personality and progress appeared to be of no importance to Rother District Council. Twenty years onContinue reading “Many unable to get a postcard”

Use review as an opportunity

From: Paul Lendon, Buxton Drive, Bexhill In reference to Mr Webb’s recent letter, “Urge councillors to spread word”. He makes some interesting points regarding our existing councillors. Yes, I would particularly like to see our 18 Rother District Bexhill councillors be more accountable. For example, many people I find do not know who their localContinue reading “Use review as an opportunity”

Voting in review was big struggle

From Terry Byrne, Manor Road, Bexhill So Rother District Council really want to know if we want a town council. Or do they? On Friday morning I eagerly clicked on the RDC home page and looked for the big obvious ‘Have Your Say’ or ‘click here to choose’ boxes. But guess what, they weren’t there.Continue reading “Voting in review was big struggle”

Can opposition be explained?

From: Peter Webb, Glenleigh Park Road, Bexhill The Rother District Governance Review started today (Friday, September 1) and continues for six weeks until Friday, October 13, 2017. At the time of writing the council’s review website is still under construction and it is to be hoped that it will be operational very shortly. I think it’sContinue reading “Can opposition be explained?”