Rother refuses offer by Democracy group

Press release At the recent meeting of Rother’s Community Governance Review Steering Group on 10th August, councillors insisted that if Bexhillians want to express their views on a town council or other form of local governance as part of the second phase of the consultation, they can ONLY do it online, or on individual RotherContinue reading “Rother refuses offer by Democracy group”

Rother delays stage 2 of Community Governance Review for Bexhill

Review to be conducted “at no additional cost to this Council.” Supporters of the D4B (Democracy for Bexhill) campaign group and other members of the public crowded into the Council Chamber on Monday 10 July to listen to the Rother District Council debate on the Community Governance Review. The debate centred around a recommendation fromContinue reading “Rother delays stage 2 of Community Governance Review for Bexhill”