D4B suspends its activity until after the election on May 2nd 2019.

Pleae note: For the duration of the Rother District Election Campaign – Democracy4Bexhill will suspend its activity. For information about the campaign to secure a Town Council for Bexhill – please contact the groups who form D4B: Association of Independent Councillors – Doug Oliver –dougoliver1@hotmail.co.uk 07917 845737 Bexhill Labour Party – Christine Bayliss –bayliss4bexhillandbattle@gmail.com 07904953255 Bexhill LiberalContinue reading “D4B suspends its activity until after the election on May 2nd 2019.”

D4B launches a campaign for better Rother councillors!

Press release  Democracy4Bexhill has launched a campaign to get better councillors elected to Rother District Council on 2 May 2019. In 2017 Rother held a consultation called a Community Governance Review on whether to improve local governance. Over eight thousand residents of Bexhill called for Rother to allow a town council to be set up,Continue reading “D4B launches a campaign for better Rother councillors!”

Deadline extended!

Rother has extended the deadline for people to “vote” to 5pm on Tuesday  October 31st. How come? This followed representations from D4B supporters pointing out that responses on the first two weeks of the consultation had been restricted. The original period of consultation of eight weeks had been proposed and approved by Rother’s own CommunityContinue reading “Deadline extended!”

What could a town council actually do?

People have got fired up by the positive opportunities which a town council can offer!  But what are they? Some people have asked us for more examples of what town councils can do. Well Dunstable provides social activities for people of all ages, including lunch clubs for the over 55’s and over 75’s, National PlayContinue reading “What could a town council actually do?”

Struggle to find website link

From: Barbara Atkinson, Ninfield Road, Bexhill-on-Sea In common with Terry Byrne (Bexhill Observer, September 8) I too struggled to find the link on the Rother website to cast my very important vote. I think that the council do not want us to vote because they are afraid that we will all give the wrong response,Continue reading “Struggle to find website link”

Seismic review of democracy

From: Sam Coleman, Cooper Drive, Bexhill Any reader of this newspaper will be well aware that Bexhill is currently undergoing possibly its most seismic democratic review since the decision to abolish Bexhill Borough Council back in the 1970s. The ‘Community Governance Review’, which is currently in phase 2, could result in a seismic shift ofContinue reading “Seismic review of democracy”

Fight in historic Bexhill battle

From: Jackie Bialeska, Cantelupe Road, Bexhill Residents take note: a “consultation” is underway at the moment which will decide whether you want your own town council/area committee or not. Battle has a town council and Rye too. Why not Bexhill? Voting cards can only be collected from the town hall but this, or course, createsContinue reading “Fight in historic Bexhill battle”