Bexhill gears up for its first town election for 50 years

Today, Thursday May 6th, you can elect a Bexhill-on-Sea Town/Parish Council for the very first time. This will be an historic occasion for the town’s 43,000 people. We hope everyone will make their voice heard and VOTE. This is new to us all, so here is some info: Your polling card will tell you where youContinue reading “Bexhill gears up for its first town election for 50 years”

Sun 28 March: Empowering our communities

This online event, organised by Civic Revival working with Democracy4Bexhill, brings together many of England’s leading advocates for, and practitioners of, local community empowerment. The aim is both to inspire the residents of Bexhill with some of the possibilities that their new local council could offer, by sharing information on what other places have already achieved, and toContinue reading “Sun 28 March: Empowering our communities”