About Us

Democracy4Bexhill is a group of individuals who came together to make sure the wishes of nearly four thousand Bexhill citizens who signed a petition for a Community Governance Review were honoured.

Members of the group are from a variety of political persuasions and of none. The group is self funding and has no political affiliations.

Following a public referendum which was strongly in favour of a town council, D4B is working towards this aim.

D4B Mission Statement:

to establish a Bexhill Town Council to give the town its own distinctive voice, promoting openness, accountability and engagement in the governance of Bexhill.

A town council offers more powers to provide services,  more access to funding,  more influence and more direct control by Bexhill residents to respond to the needs of the town and its community.

This is an exciting opportunity to enjoy the benefits that towns across the country enjoy – their own local representation.