What is D4B?

What is D4B?

D4B is a non-party voluntary group of Bexhill residents who got together to campaign for better governance. Its campaigning success has stunned even its own supporters.

Democracy4Bexhill, known as D4B, is a voluntary campaign group that was set up in 2015 to improve governance in Bexhill. Building on the enormous efforts of previous citizens and councillors, who raised a petition in the town and thus triggered an official Community Governance Review, it has run two further campaigns:

First, D4B spread the word about why a town council is a good idea, and encouraged residents to make their views known in a consultation held by Rother in 2017. With the support of huge numbers of Bexhill residents, posters, stalls, press releases, meetings and social media, D4B promoted the Community Governance Review . A massive and unprecedented 9, 227 people responded, 93.5% of whom supported a town council. Only 3.9 % wanted no change.

However, in a historic and shocking decision, Rother refused to accept this and decided to make no change, which meant no town council for Bexhill.

Undaunted, D4B then launched a campaign to elect better Rother District Councillors for Bexhill and encouraged Bexhill residents to stand as councillors. In the May 2019 election, the new councillors swept the board, and now Bexhill is represented by a new Rother Alliance of parties in a new spirit of open-ness and positive mindedness, and the Leader of Rother is the former Chair of D4B!  The Alliance endorses the creation of a town council, and the proposal is currently going through various stages of endorsement. At full Council in September, councillors will make their final decision.

D4B is independent even from Rother District Council. It does not have any party political allegiance, and welcomes members and supporters from all parties and none. The committee meets regularly and is happy to receive ideas, donations and suggestions! Contact secretary@democracy4bexhill.com