Steering Group gets their ball rolling

In the RDC elections in May , the councillors who now make up the Rother Alliance, promised voters in the D4B promise that ‘If we are elected, we will support the creation of a Bexhill Town Council’, and they have already taken steps to endorse that. Now,  a new Community Governance Review (CGR) Steering Group has been formed and met on 30 April, with  Councillor Christine Bayliss elected as Chair.

It was made clear that while they can take into account the feedback from the Review of 2017, when over 8,600 people “voted” to support the idea of a town council, they need to hold another Review, albeit a much shorter and less complex one, and reflect on it before the final vote. They also agreed:

  • all Steering Group meetings will be open to the public.
  • the first elections to a new Town Council will take place in May 2021. (subject to the Review findings)
  • respondents will be asked to express a preference to either a creation of one Parish Council for the whole of Bexhill (to be styled as a Town Council)- OR – no change.
  • the Review will also ask residents about the services they would like to see a town council deliver.
  • a communications plan will publicise the review and how to respond.

The next meeting of the group is on 21 November at 9.30am. There are to be public meetings in January.

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