D4B launches a campaign for better Rother councillors!

Press release 

Democracy4Bexhill has launched a campaign to get better councillors elected to Rother District Council on 2 May 2019.

In 2017 Rother held a consultation called a Community Governance Review on whether to improve local governance. Over eight thousand residents of Bexhill called for Rother to allow a town council to be set up, 93.5% of the entire response. However, Rother Councillors refused.

“We were staggered at the decision, it seemed they did not really care what the residents of Bexhill wanted. “said Doug Oliver, Chair of D4B, “People have been taking a closer look at how Rother treats Bexhill and how they run things, and they are not impressed. So we decided to encourage new candidates to stand against the current councillors, people who would listen and who would bring in some new ideas and enthusiasm to Bexhill, and give the residents more of a voice.  They have come forward. If they get in, we would be one step nearer to getting a Bexhill Town Council too”.

Candidates from all parties are being encouraged to say on their publicity material whether they support the idea of a town council, and display the D4B promise of “If elected, I will support the creation of a Bexhill Town Council.” Having a town council would enable the town to make improvements and offer services that its residents want, and the cost would not be great, as there are over 43,000 residents to share it.

A special D4B newsletter has just been produced and will be distributed to every household in Bexhill by an army of volunteers. It reminds residents which councillors voted against the idea of a town council and gives details of some of the concerns that the public have about Rother.

Democracy4Bexhill is an all-party/independent community group with no political affiliation.

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