Parking proposals: will they affect you?

East Sussex and Rother councillors have plans to tackle parking in the town. The detailed draft plans and maps on parking can be tracked down on the RDC website (minutes and appendix 2 of Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting 19th March 2018). D4B has asked Rother that the plans be available in hard copy after they have been signed off, so that you can see them at the library. There will be a public consultation and we will keep you informed. Meanwhile, the police are actively booking cars for illegal parking in the town centre, so watch out!

If you have strong views about the plans, prepare to respond to the consultation. Rother has been known to ignore the results of official consultations (ahem) so you could also write to your two local councillors. On 19th July Bexhill Town Forum held a public meeting on this issue. You can watch the video recording on their Facebook page.





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