A good idea for the Town Bus Service?

The yellow Town Bus Service, also known as the Community bus, run by volunteers six days a week, can be used by everyone. It costs just £1 a trip or it’s free for the disabled or pensioners with a pass. It has several routes that cover the centre of town as well as some of the outlying areas of Bexhill. HOWEVER, sadly it does not serve the Sidley area. A town council could support the development of this much needed service – and make it more inclusive for all. It could even consider supporting public transport initiatives for areas that have no evening service, like the Conquest. Yes, a town council would work for you!

Parking proposals: will they affect you?

East Sussex and Rother councillors have plans to tackle parking in the town. The detailed draft plans and maps on parking can be tracked down on the RDC website (minutes and appendix 2 of Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting 19th March 2018). D4B has asked Rother that the plans be available in hard copy after they have been signed off, so that you can see them at the library. There will be a public consultation and we will keep you informed. Meanwhile, the police are actively booking cars for illegal parking in the town centre, so watch out!

If you have strong views about the plans, prepare to respond to the consultation. Rother has been known to ignore the results of official consultations (ahem) so you could also write to your two local councillors. On 19th July Bexhill Town Forum held a public meeting on this issue. You can watch the video recording on their Facebook page.





Becoming a councillor

What matters to you ? Is it keeping Bexhill communities vibrant, lovely and peaceful? Is it sorting out the pavements, good afterschool care, the right environment for local businesses, encouraging new ideas for the town, or just getting value for money for good services that provide help where it is needed?

If you are reading this newsletter having your voice heard is probably important to you, and you may also support having a Town Council. In May 2019 there will be a chance to change things for the better when Rother District Council will be up for election, including the 18 councillors who represent Bexhill wards.

D4B agrees that this is a real opportunity for us all to elect new people who want to make a difference and listen to local residents. If we can get enough people who support a

Town Council elected, we can bring direct democracy back to Bexhill. Created in 1902, lost in 1974. Could it be you? Being a councillor can be very rewarding, and gives you a chance to make a huge difference to the quality of life for people in your local area. D4B has decided to organise training sessions for people who might consider standing as a councillor. Let us know if you are interested.

Democracy4Bexhill is not affiliated to any political party. We just want to support candidates who will serve the town, make a good job of it and vote for a Town Council, irrespective of which party they support. If you are interested in standing you could stand as an independent or with one of the major political parties. Here are local contact details:

Association of Bexhill Independents – Doug Oliver. dougoliver@hotmail.uk 07917 845737

Green Party – John and Polly. mrspollygray@gmail.com 01424 732 645

Liberal Democrats – Diane Smith diane_m_smith@outlook.com   01424  220994

Labour Party – Conor Hill conordavidhill@gmail.com 07787 157774

Conservative Party – Tom Liddiard  office@bbca.uk.com  01424  21911


Upcoming elections


Rother District Council (RDC)

Responsible for Housing, Environmental Health,

Tourism, Planning, Street Cleaning, Waste

Collection and more…

Councillors’ basic allowance: £4,517.64 (17/18)



East Sussex County Council (ESCC)

Responsible for Schools and Education,

Children’s Services, Social Services, Highways,

Library, Leisure, Planning and more…

Councillors’ basic allowance: £12,300 (17/19)



Bexhill Town Council

When created, it will be responsible for whatever

services are devolved to it from RDC and ESCC

plus the services the electorate vote for.

Councillors’ basic allowance: None.


Got any concerns or issues? Any questions for us?

Email us at: D4Bvoice@gmail.com


12-18? 19-25? You could become a Youth Councillor! Visit BexhillYouthCouncil.co.uk for more info.