What goes on at council meetings?

It is really interesting to find out. Many of the council meetings at the Town Hall are open to the public. At some of them you can even ask a question if you give notice, under a system Rother call “Public question time”.

Rother is governed by a ‘Cabinet’ system, which means that many decisions are planned by the Council Leader and a small group of councillors, with those decisions often ‘nodded through’ at Full Council. The Cabinet, the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Full Council meetings are all held on Mondays. Details and documents about all meetings can be found under the ABOUT THE COUNCIL tab at the top of the website (www.rother.gov.uk).

Remember you can always write to your Rother councillor if you have a concern.

Some of them do a great job, but let us know if they don’t reply.



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