Rother didn’t listen to Bexhill residents… Now a national association calls for change

In Rother’s community governance review last year, 93.5% of 9,227 Bexhill residents asked for a town council, and Rother famously said no. Word went round the country, and now the Government has just had a consultation about how to improve these reviews. The National Association of Local Councils, representing 10,000 local councils, has responded sayingContinue reading “Rother didn’t listen to Bexhill residents… Now a national association calls for change”

Case study – what a town council can do

Town councils are small, and they have a lot of freedom to create services that local people want, so they can focus on what is needed and what locals really care about, plus “nice-to-haves” which will make a difference to the town. There are town councils up and down the country serving their towns, givingContinue reading “Case study – what a town council can do”

What goes on at council meetings?

It is really interesting to find out. Many of the council meetings at the Town Hall are open to the public. At some of them you can even ask a question if you give notice, under a system Rother call “Public question time”. Rother is governed by a ‘Cabinet’ system, which means that many decisionsContinue reading “What goes on at council meetings?”

Would you vote for them again?

  What do you call a district council which has been in power for too long, and which denies the people of Bexhill a town council? Call time on it, perhaps….? Here are the Bexhill councillors who voted AGAINST creating a Town Council for their town: Central Ward – Joy Hughes and Abul Azad |Continue reading “Would you vote for them again?”