Don’t rain on East Parade

No further consultation is planned on the East Parade in Bexhill. Rother’s plans to improve it, entitled The Coastal Environments Corporate Project – East Parade Bexhill, are on the RDC website (Cabinet meeting 12th March 2018). But are they exciting? We do get a new building for the Sea Angling Club and a paying car park at the base of Galley Hill but could we do more? One resident has pointed out that this is a beautiful area on a line between the Jerwood, the

Hastings net sheds and the De la Warr Pavilion, and could be a wonderful hub for creative, educational and healthy activities for the wider public, all based on the sea.

Some councillors are not bothered. One said:

From experience if you consult 10 people you will have a range of views which if you ask the same questions to 100 people by and large those views would just be repeated 10x.

Best not to mention the town council consultation when 8,361 all voted the SAME and were still ignored!


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