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What’s next for D4B?

The result of the Community Governance Review wasn’t what we
wanted but it certainly isn’t the end. We will continue campaigning
for greater transparency, openness and accountability in the way
Bexhill is governed. We will do this by shining a light on where we
think the Council is failing to listen to Bexhill residents.
We will also be making sure that, in the 2019 local elections,
Bexhill residents in every ward have an opportunity to vote
for District Council candidates who want a Bexhill Town Council
and subscribe to Democracy4Bexhill’s values of fairness and

We will endorse candidates who share our vision for the future of
the town, no matter what political party they stand for.
We want to hear from you! What else would you like us to be
doing? What do you think we could help with?

Come along to our open meeting
Saturday 17th February 2018 at St Barnabas Church, 10 – 12 noon. This is an opportunity for you to air your views and hear what we’re up to.

We  would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to our many volunteers
and supporters for all your hard work and support. Our campaign was very
effective, the amazing result of over 9,000 respondents would not have been
possible without you.
The consultation is now over, but the campaign doesn’t stop there. We will be
fighting hard for greater transparency, accountability and openness and
supporting the people and organisations who share our passion for making
Bexhill a better place to live. Make sure you spread the word among your
friends and neighbours that Democracy4Bexhill are still going and we’re still
just as committed to our wonderful town. I can’t wait to see what amazing
things we can achieve in the next few years.


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