News: Council ignore the people of Bexhill and say “No” to a town council

At the full council meeting on 18th December to decide whether Bexhill should have more local governance, Rother District Council voted against forming a town council.
After what appeared to be a carefully stage managed ‘debate’ of some two hours members firstly voted on the creation of a town council with 13 votes for a town council, 18 votes against and 4 abstentions.  The votes for a town council came from 6 Conservative, 3 Liberal Democrats, 3 Association of Independents and 1 non-aligned independent. A vote was then held for No Change and this was carried by 18 for, 11 against and 5 abstentions.
For those unable to attend the meeting, which was restricted to ticket holders, a live stream of the meeting to nearby St John’s Church allowed the public to watch and hear the debate. We are grateful to Michael Ensor for his hospitality.
We are grateful to all those who attended the live streaming and to all those who attended the rally opposite the town hall prior to the council meeting. Particular thanks go to our stewards, the rally speakers, Councillors Sue Prochak and Stuart Earl, and to D4B member Sam Coleman who led the community singing and set up the live streaming of the council meeting to St John’s and also on Facebook.
You can watch the whole of the council meeting on our Facebook site. Click on the link below (or copy the link into your browser):
The D4B committee met the following day to discuss the result and to consider further action. The committee will meet again in the new year and once plans are finalised will advise you of them in a future newsletter.

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