Newsletter: Help D4B in a video shoot

Wanted: D4B supporters who would like to help the campaign by appearing in one (or both) of the following video shoots.

D4B has a song: We need supporters to join us in singing the chorus.

You don’t have to read music or be a top-notch singer, just sing with gusto!

We will film from 2pm on Wednesday 20th September at Bexhill United F.C. club room in The Polegrove (entrance opposite the      western end of Egerton Road).

Filming will be in two stages:

a) in the club room, recording groups of supporters singing the chorus.

b) videoing the singing of the chorus (weather permitting) against various nearby recognisable locations (the football clubs    grandstand, Sovereign Light Café, one of the ‘shelters’, and maybe the clock tower, museum or Egerton Park).

Appear on video in support of option 2 – a town council for Bexhill.

Record a videoed interview to be added to a series of supporting a town centre. We need a short, sharp videoed statement on why you want a town council.

How will we use the videos?

We plan to place them on Facebook and other social media channels. No-one taking part in the song will be identified but we will need at least you first name for the  videoed interviews and statements.


Contact Brian Cope: or phone 01424 732895.

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