Many unable to get a postcard

From the Residents of Marina Court, Marina, Bexhill

It is amazing to think how long ago it was that the people of Bexhill banded together to draw attention to the fact that Bexhill had no town council and its personality and progress appeared to be of no importance to Rother District Council. Twenty years on and we still haven’t got a voice or a town council.

There are many disabled and partially-disabled people living in Bexhill. Not only do they have to walk on dangerous pavements with holes in the road, cope with limited parking but are even unable to get to the town hall if requested by Rother. Also why are many suggestions firmly rejected with the usual excuses? Morally – like Rye, Eastbourne, Hastings – all communities need their own town council to progress and respect the needs of its population. Trust us and you will see!

Why should people with walkers, sticks, wheelchairs and the many retired people who live here and haven’t got transport, be expected to somehow get to the town hall and collect a postcard to vote? There are many who are unable to make it down there. Come on! Bexhill deserves its own town council.

From the Bexhill Observer, 8th September

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