Fight in historic Bexhill battle

From: Jackie Bialeska, Cantelupe Road, Bexhill

Residents take note: a “consultation” is underway at the moment which will decide whether you want your own town council/area committee or not.

Battle has a town council and Rye too. Why not Bexhill? Voting cards can only be collected from the town hall but this, or course, creates big problems for some residents – people who are working during town hall opening times, people who can’t walk far and busy mothers. Many people don’t even know about it at all. However, do whatever you can to get down to the town hall opposite Sainsbury’s. This is an historic moment. You are being asked to fight. The chance will not come again.

Good luck Bexhill. You have fought before and won. Do it again.

From the Bexhill Observer, 8th September.

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