Welcome to Democracy4Bexhill – Campaigning for a Bexhill Town Council

Do you want more say in what goes on in Bexhill? The debate has been going on all year about the different ways Bexhill is governed, and now it’s time to decide!

What are the options?

There are four options on offer:

  • No change
  • A Town Council (technically, a “parish council styled as a town council”)
  • An Area Committee
  • Four Parish Councils

Find out more about all the options.

Democracy for Bexhill is in favour of a Town Council for Bexhill.

How much would it cost?

14p per household a week basic running costs. It’s not much, is it!  Further costs  depend entirely on what services Bexhill residents decide the town council should offer. Find out more.

What do I do now?

If you live or work in Bexhill, you can now have your say. Click the poster to vote in the Rother District Council survey or go to https://surveymechanics.com/s/BexCGR

For friends and neighbours who don’t use the internet, Rother expects them to get a voting postcard from Rother Town Hall, or from their local Rother councillor. They may need your help to make sure their voices are heard.

VOTE NOW!         Voting finishes Friday October 13th at 4.30pm

Still not sure what to do? Read the leaflet here!

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