What options are Rother offering?

Option 1 – No change

All decisions about services provided in Bexhill would continue to be made by the 38 Rother councillors, the majority of whom are not elected by Bexhill residents and so can always out-vote the Bexhill members. Also, we would continue to pay the Bexhill Special Expenses tax averaging at £40 per household per year without control on how it is spent.

Option 2 – A town council

(technically “A parish council styled as a town council”)
The best option! Because…

  • Decisions would be made by Bexhill residents, for Bexhill residents.
  • Direct control of the Bexhill Special Expenses council tax, and influence on how Rother and East Sussex County Council spend their budgets in Bexhill.
  • A Bexhill town council could protect services at risk! Services such as public toilets, or grants to sports clubs, charities, museums or transport for the elderly are likely to be cut in 2020 when the central government grant to Rother District Council and East Sussex County Council falls to zero.
  • Control of 15% of the Community Infrastructure Levy, which developers pay Rother on infrastructure developments such as the new housing planned for Bexhill. This would rise to 25% if the Town Council develops a Neighbourhood Plan.
  • New powers to provide services were given to communities and town councils in 2011. Towns up and down the country are taking this opportunity to form their own councils. Bexhill, this is your moment!
  • Bexhill would retain its Mayor!
  • Find out more about what a Town Council could do.

Option 3 – An area committee

This would simply involve the current Rother councillors from Bexhill wards meeting together. Rother has made it clear that this would have no powers or responsibilities. Yet Rother also say it would cost an extra £45,000 to £90,000 per year!

Option 4 – Four parish councils

These would cost at least twice as much as a town council to little benefit, divide the town unfairly and create 68 new councillors! Plus Bexhill would lose its mayor.

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