What could a Bexhill Town Council do?

What could a Bexhill Town Council do?

Rother District Council is holding a consultation called a Community Governance Review, to ask the public if they would like Bexhill to have more local representation, and if so what form it should take.

Everyone of any age living or working in Bexhill is now being asked to express their preference in a consultative ballot, a non-binding “vote”.

Democracy4Bexhill, a non-political group of Bexhill residents, has researched all the options and recommends you vote for a town council.

A town council would focus on the things that residents want to see in Bexhill. This might include looking after allotments, flower beds, public spaces, bus shelters and community centres. They could also run services, award grants, and support initiatives to provide or improve, for example:

  • pavements and drop kerbs
  • tourist information
  • litter control
  • children’s play centres
  • skate parks, cycle paths
  • parking
  • neighbourhood planning
  • advice services for tenants and leaseholders
  • loneliness prevention
  • help for independent shops
  • making the town more attractive with flower baskets and upkeep
  • keeping and promoting Bexhill’s special historic character.

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