What are the options: A Town Council

A town council would be independent of Rother District Council (RDC) with it’s own legal status/ It would elect it’s own councillors. These could be members of political parties or independent candidates. It would have its own town centre office and its own Town Clerk and the freedom to decide what services it wishes to provide. Initially it would take over responsibility for the parks, gardens and open spaces such as Galley Hill and The Downs, allotments, the Museum and Christmas lights. The funds for these would transferred from RDC so no extra cost would be involved. A Town Council would have the ability to raise funds either by applying for grants or by a ‘precept’ – an additional charge on the Council Tax – to provide increased levels of service or new services. They would also receive by right payments that the developers of north east Bexhill have to legally pay and decide how to use this income for the benefit of the town, not Rother District as a whole.

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