What happens now and how can I have a say?

During January-March 2017 people were invited to write in to their council with their ideas to help the Council create a shortlist of ideas for how our town should be run. You can see some of the responses at the bottom of the RDC Community Governance page. The Bexhill Community Governance Review Steering Group metContinue reading “What happens now and how can I have a say?”

What is a Community Governance Review?

A Community Governance review is a process to allow everyone living in our area to have their say on how decisions are made in Bexhill. This community governance review applies to the 9 wards of Bexhill-on-Sea. The review has two consultation phases over 2017. During January-March 2017 people were invited to write in to theirContinue reading “What is a Community Governance Review?”

How is Bexhill governed now?

At present all decisions about the services provided in Bexhill are made by the 38 councillors elected to RDC. 20 of these councillors are elected as representatives of other parts of the district so are always in the majority when decisions that affect Bexhill are made. RDC argues that the decision they take are madeContinue reading “How is Bexhill governed now?”

Would these new arrangements replace Rother District Council?

A Town Council or Area Committee would not replace Rother District Council or East Sussex County Council. The council would continue to provide education, social services, housing, refuse services and highways. A Town Council or Area Committee could become involved in these services once it had been established.

What would it cost?

Costs are an important and potentially controversial concern. No change means no additional council tax costs. An Area Committee would require additional council tax costs as council officer time will be required to arrange and service their meetings. A Town Council that limited the services it provides in Bexhill to those that RDC currently provides,Continue reading “What would it cost?”

What are the options: An Area Committee

Under this arrangement the 18 councillors elected for the Bexhill wards of RDC would meet separately as an Area Committee. No additional elections would be necessary. They would not be independent of RDC and the scope and extent of the services that they could make decisions on would be entirely at the discretion of RDC.Continue reading “What are the options: An Area Committee”

What are the options: A Town Council

A town council would be independent of Rother District Council (RDC) with it’s own legal status/ It would elect it’s own councillors. These could be members of political parties or independent candidates. It would have its own town centre office and its own Town Clerk and the freedom to decide what services it wishes toContinue reading “What are the options: A Town Council”