A historic success. On Monday September 21st, Rother’s Full Council passed overwhelmingly the proposal to create Bexhill Town Council. Watch the debate on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9onM49V8xoY

This follows endorsement of the idea by the Community Governance Review steering group, the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and the Cabinet, not to mention a petition, two community governance reviews and an election!

Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard for this over the past years. Bexhill Town Council will aim to do you proud.

We wish all our supporters good health, Do watch our tiny video. It’s under the “Story so far” tab. The next chapter of the story is just beginning!

D4B is a non-party voluntary group of Bexhill residents who have been working together since 2015 to campaign for better governance. Its campaigning success so far has stunned even its own supporters, who made all the difference.

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The story so far

Coat of Arms

It starts back in 1906, then races forward to a massive community campaign in the last four years which has already transformed the political landscape in Bexhill .

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The latest D4B news plus articles from near and far.

  • YES!
    Rother's full council has overwhelmingly endorsed the creation of a Bexhill Town Council. Listen and watch the debate at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9onM49V8xoY … Read more
  • Final vote!
    In groups of six, we can perhaps hang out the flags on 21 September 2020! Rother's full council will meet … Read more
  • We are nearly there!
    The proposal to set up Bexhill town council is now going through the statutory process. The Community Governance Review Steering … Read more

Featured Articles

Reaching out, a guide to what councils can do about loneliness

Anyone at any age can feel lonely. Loneliness reduces the quality of life and has an impact on health and wellbeing. This Guide, just produced by The National Association of Local Councils and the Local Government Association, gives practical advice and case studies on what parish and town councils can do and are doing to help. Bexhill could do it too!

20 actions parish councils can take on the climate and nature emergency.

Friends of the earth say “Parish and town councils may not be as powerful as local authorities but they can “do their bit” in addressing the climate and nature emergency and be a force for change.” Lets get a town council so we can act on this!


Within 100 years or less sea level maps indicate parts [of] Bexhill could be inundated. Areas of west Bexhill, Egerton Park, de Le Warr Pavillion, parts of the promenade, and railway lines, are all at risk. Bexhill has no specific flood plan. A Town Council could help form such a plan.

Bexhill is the only place in Rother whose residents do not have a parish or town council that gives them a voice. We need a Bexhill Town Council – your voice in your town.

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How it can help Bexhill people on the issues that they care about and which affect them every day.

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Across the country, town councils are doing it for themselves.

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